Storm umbrella’s

IMPLIVA’s aerodynamic storm umbrellas have extensively been tested in windtunnels. Their smart design makes them resistant against strong winds. The folding version STORMini® up to 80 km/h and the regular STORMaxi® up to 100 km/h!

The aerodynamic shape of the umbrella prevents it from flipping over in strong winds and makes it easy to handle for you! The STORMaxi® storm umbrella is both effective and sustainable.

“It’s just smart not to use more materials in a design than you actually need!” This is what the Dutch consumer affairs programme KASSA, aired by the VARA broadcasting association, said in praise of the STORMaxi’s® efficient material usage. “What’s more: the umbrella doesn’t break, even under extreme weather conditions!” So STORMaxi® is both an effective and very sustainable storm umbrella!